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Losing make you understand another  loser,
a man who always win in his life less respecting people,
it is not we are lazy or stupid,
sometimes it is just not our talent.

in a good situation is ok to be good mentally,
but in bad situation day we need to become bad mentally,
just for the  purpose to stay alive,
to get rid the suicidal taught,
when we have nothing to show just be a bad mental.

anything from childhood is usually what we do best,
try something new it is get very hard,

similarity is a bridge between two people,
differences that destroy us,
It is a must to respect other similarity,
but any connection is from similarity,
if not it is just a surface talk.

every people have strong points and weak points,
excellent people just use their strong points,
not more not less,
pretty face,genius, public speaker,
fat,low education, nervous,
does this words make sense to you,
Just focus on strong points and ignore weak points,
Then you will become somebody.

yin and yang is everywhere,
combination of two power will bring ultimate power.

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Posted on 10:50PM on Dec 3rd, 2012
where that 9 views come!
i taught nobody will read.
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